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BMW Tele-service Calls

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Declined Service Calls

One of the most overlooked areas of profitability resides in the dealership’s fixed operations department. Our staff will make up to four attempts to each customer during the evenings and Saturdays, which will allow for the highest contact rates.

Positive Equity Calls

This program provides your Sales Department the opportunity to increase New Car Sales. 

Recall Notification Calls

Our Recall Notification program is perfect for the slow lane traffic months. You provide us with the list of clients with Open Recalls, our team will contact each client and schedule an appointment. This allows you increase your traffic lane and the opportunity to upsell additional services.

We offer solutions that drive profits and customer satisfaction!

Outbound Scheduling Services

Other Outbound Calls 

We  offer a variety of outbound service reservations. Our programs affords each dealership the ability to cultivate additional sales opportunities. Our live reservation coordinators proactively call your customers to schedule their service appointments. Once your customers have been reached, the appointment will be scheduled in your dealership’s scheduling software.

Our agents are hand selected based on proven sales ability and closure rates in our CIC. We will work directly with your dealership to customize the word tracks and discounted offers to ensure the highest return on investment possible. We will manage your CRM module, often providing successful rescheduling with an average of 12% of the clients we contact. Our dealers who utilized this program often see a minimum Return on Investment (ROI) of over 1500% and Repair Order sales above their normal average.