Full Service Appointment Coordinating

The first rule of great customer service is that your business phone needs to be answered every time. Sometimes this can be a challenging task as your staff is constantly busy. Forwarding all  your calls to us will ensure that every one of your clients is helped by a live person.

All of your incoming service appointments can be forwarded to by automated attendant or directed to one of the client service agents. We will answer each incoming call within four rings, thus creating a seamless in-house dealership feel for your clients.

During each call, our highly trained representatives will update all of your customer’s information, recommend your dealer specific maintenance, suggest potential additional services, and provide an immediate appointment confirmation to your clients via email.

Phone always ringing? Each client call is a sales  opportunity for you department.
Never miss another client call.

Overflow Service Benefits:

  • Easy and fast set up process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizable Programs
  • Peace of mind knowing that your dealer won’t miss any  calls and revenue
  • We got you covered when you are short on staff​

Live Inbound Services

​​​​Appointment Coordinating Benefits

​The success of your Dealership ultimately depends on your customers and how well you interact with them.  That is why it is so important that you provide consistent and professional customer service experience. When the phone calls are not answered at your dealership in timely manner the client relationship is jeopardized, and you are potentially missing out on a world of sales opportunities. When your phones at the dealership are answered consistently and professionally there are several short and long-term benefits to you and your clients:

Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty:
Every single call that comes to your Dealership is critical to the success of your business and missed calls could lead to lost business and potentially lost customers. Every time the phone rings it is an opportunity for sales, profits, and building a stronger customer relationship. When the client communication channel at the dealership is lacking or ineffective, your store runs the risk of losing a client to a competitor. When your customer is engaged in a conversation and receiving your undivided attention, they feel as if they are truly appreciated and more likely to return and continue to do business to do business with your dealership.

Since most of the calls that come to your Service Department are service appointments, inquiries or other vehicle issues, it is vital that your customers feel that they can always count on you. This is especially true in instances where they are encountering a problem with their vehicle.

Reduce Marketing Expenses:
Offering service or sales discounts, promotions and even slashing prices are common practices dealerships use to conquest new customers. However, the best way to maximize your profits and mitigate your marketing expenses, is to build a strong value proposition based on an exceptional client experience that entices new clients and build strong client retention among current customers.

When you allow missed inbound phone calls to occur in your dealership your marketing investment is essentially wasted and being thrown away. A missed, improperly routed, or unprofessionally handled call can represent a major loss to the dealership. If you are using marketing dollars to conquest or draw clients to your dealership, always remember you only have one chance to make a good impression so make sure the clients are getting the attention they need when calling.

Hiring PremierConnect will ensure that you always have a knowledgeable and professional staff member ready to answer your calls to help clients get the information they need. Our team will work with you to develop customized solutions to create a robust client communication channel that delivers an exceptional client experience from start to finish.

Reduce Client Complaints:
One of the most common complaint we hear from clients and at dealerships when we do our consulting is “no one ever seems to answer the phones.” A large percentage of unanswered calls often turn into either customer complaints or even open the door for a client to defect to a competitor.  Fortunately, unanswered or improperly handled calls are completely avoidable and can be a thing of the past by having our team of professionals supporting your dealership.  PremierConnect can be the primary appointment coordinators handling all your inbound calls or provide a safety net for your dealership with our “No Monthly Minimum” inbound call overflow program. Our agents will provide you the peace of mind you need and will focus on their attention on your clients when your team can’t.  Our dedicated agents will give your clients the focus and the attention they need to ensure they have an exceptional customer service experience.  

Provide Consistent Customer Service:

Because providing exceptional “Customer Care” is our primary focus and mission, all our professional agents are continuously trained to ensure they are well versed to handle all aspects of your customer’s needs. Our trained professional can: book service appointments, answer frequently asked questions, arrange and book alternate transportation needs, provide service menu pricing, check status with your advisors as needed, work with dealership to forward phone calls to the right department, engage your management team with client concerns or questions, and can provide detailed messaging support to dealership team members as needed.

Dealership Overflow Calls

Between 8-20% of your daily service calls go unanswered, usually due to call volume peaks, staffing or during a busy season.Our Call Overflow Service will provide our “Client Communications Safety Net” to your in-house processes, we can support your advisor and In-house BDC and answer every call they miss.

Forwarding your unanswered calls to us will ensure that every one of your clients is helped by a live person.

Our team will receive all your in-bound calls seamlessly and will provide your clients with the same professional service your staff would afford them.  We can customize this service to suit your needs for Service, Sales, Parts, Body Shop Departments, and Appointment lines. Dealers can customize this service to best suit their needs and customer service requirements. Our representatives can answer the call in as little as 3-4 rings or the protocol can be configured to allow your dealership personnel an opportunity to answer the call first.

Savings up to 35% off the cost of an In-House BDC

Our experienced agents will:

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Answer your calls within four rings
  • Recommend your dealer specific maintenance
  • Confirm customer information, including phone numbers and email address.
  • Input the appointments directly into your scheduling software