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Our business model was founded on the need by many dealerships to have an effective and results driven process for communicating with clients after their service visit.  Our Client Relations Management Web Portal allows each of our clients to view verbatim client responses, receive real-time email alerts to resolve client concerns, utilize our reporting suite to track Key Performance Indicators, review employee performance, and even the ability to listen to a specific follow-up call.

We offer a unique hybrid of phone and email follow-up services that can be tailored for maximum effectiveness in all key areas and improve your Client Satisfaction Scores, Email Penetration, and Survey Response Rates!  Our Executive Team will work one-on-one with you to provide YOUR solution.

Increase you client satisfaction  and communication!

Client After-Sales Service Loyalty Calls

PremierConnect's unique program will help you retain and increase your market share by utilizing our After-Sales Service Loyalty Call program.  Service defection rates among all manufacturers have been on the rise for many years and recent surveys show that on average, clients only spend a little over two years having their customer pay work performed at a dealership. In some cases the defection from service begins shortly after the client takes delivery from the sales department. Many dealers lose market share by client defections to Independent Service Providers (ISP’s) and other dealers in their group. If you are losing ground in market share in relation to the Units in Operation (UIO’s) in your Area of Influence (AOI), please call a member of our Executive Team to discuss the opportunities this service can provide to your dealership.

Our agents will call your clients 48 hours after the purchase of their vehicle to perform four vital functions for your dealership. Here is our process:

  1. Our agents will thank the client for the purchase of the vehicle and survey them on their purchase experience.
  2. We will ask the client if they would like us to set up a service acquaintance appointment to familiarize themselves with the service department and meet their service consultant.
  3. If for any reason the client indicates that they do not intend to service the vehicle at the dealership, our agents will professionally query them as to why they would seek to service their vehicle elsewhere.
  4. Finally, the results of the call will be sent to the dealer for review and an alert will be forwarded to you to afford the dealer an opportunity to retain the client’s service loyalty.  This service will provide your dealership with the ability to proactively engage your clients early enough to potentially eliminate any defection away from your dealership’s service department.

Because of our experience in the Service Department, we understand that the "After-Service Follow Process" has become more important than ever before.

We have seen a  significant increase in recent years among many luxury manufacturers to reach the number one spot in the JD Powers Survey. Many brands have placed a significant financial emphasis on dealership survey performance. We are committed to help you increase your score and improve your process.

CSI, SOI and After-Sales Follow up

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